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I have a question


  Why did you let me marry an Artist?

  I know what your going say; was it, you, Steve that prayed every night the same pray? (Lord, if you would just turn Kelli's head my way just once. With your help we can sweep her off her feet)    Yesssss, I might have prayed that.

 You could have let me know she is an upcoming Artist. When we were dating, not once did she say she could make Door Wreaths, Table Decorations, draw or even paint Sweatshirts, and she sure did not mention anything about Jewelry. 

But I love everything you have given me.

Just one more question? Lord,

 If I help make some of theses pieces, and she puts them together to make a necklace. I am called an apprentice, and she is the Artist. You know what? I do not even want to know, I am happy where I am at.

Lord this is the last question, I promise. Well for today anyway.

 Why is it, when I make a mistake, it's called a mistake, when she makes a mistake, it's called Art.?

  As I am thinking about all this. You've made it pretty clear. I've prayed  more than once. Let me be the Husband Kelli deserves and not the husband she is stuck with.

So really, I must be saying. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers.

Your buddy

The Apprentice


Accidentally I have come

Accidentally I have come across this website and little bit confused about the details shared here. This blog is about jewelry making and its associated updates from Kelli. It clearly shows the making hemp for pets of jewelry by the artist. I am looking here to more updates regarding that and keep sharing more details over here.

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